Staffan Liljas

Staffan is a Swedish bass who performs in operas and concerts. This fall he performed the role of the quantum supercomputer Teus in Erik Gedeon’s newly written and critically praised musical Djur som hatar människor at Uppsala City Theatre. Now he is busy with Christmas concerts and oratorios and excited about the release of his first solo-album early this spring!

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Reviews of "Djur som hatar människor"

Lars Ring at Svenska Dagbladet writes in “Sweet animals singing on the last verse in dystopia”

“The quantum supercomputer, entertainingly interpreted by the bass singer Staffan Liljas, has an intelligence which in the end trumps the humans.”

Niklas Wahllöf at Dagens Nyheter writes in “In space, everyone can hear the animals squabble and sing”

“Everything is connected in an impressive way. It is truly the happy dystopia which the piece has been called.”

“Every one acts and sings formidably. So does the orchestra, to say the least.”

Susanne Sigroth-Lambe at Uppsala Nya Tidning writes in “Dystopian fabel carried on musical wings”

“The performance is a musical party. All lines are sung like in an opera with inlays of pop music accompanied by the musicians in the orchestra pit.”

“The performance has a lot of dark humor, but the bitter subtext becomes increasingly clear, that man is both its own and all other species’ worst enemy.”

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