Staffan Liljas

Staffan is a Swedish bass who performs in operas and concerts. He has just performed his first Sarastro in Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte with Labopéra D’Alsace. In 2018 he was a critically praised Davenaut in the Läckö Slottsopera performance of Marschner’s Der Vampyr, and this summer, he will perform Polyphemus in Handel’s Acis & Galatea at Confidencen.

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Reviews of Staffan Liljas in Heinrich Marschner's "Der Vampyr"

Niklas Smith in Seen and Heard International writes in “A Thrilling Night With The Vampire In Läckö”

“Staffan Liljas played Malwina’s father Davenaut, who at first appears avuncular if vain, but becomes an old-fashioned patriarch when Malwina rejects his plan to marry her to the Earl of Marsden (Ruthven in disguise) before midnight and has the audacity to announce that she loves Aubry, a young knight with little money or snob appeal. Mr Liljas’ sonorous bass sounded the part whether he was a genial host or enraged head of the family.”

Bo Löfvendahl in Svenska Dagbladet writes in “200 year old vampire is resurrected – full of life”

“It is hard to imagine a more ideal place for a ghost story than the court yard at Läckö castle, perched on top of a windblown cliff overlooking lake Vänern. When twilight sets in, the eery feeling creeps closer: this evening amplified by hissing black shadows and a vampire with long pointed nails eagerly licking his lips.”

“Staffan Liljas [presents] a beautifully sung father figure”

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