Staffan Liljas

Staffan is a Swedish bass who performs in operas and concerts. Right now, he hopes everyone is staying safe in the current pandemic, and looks forward to starting performances again after a long period of silence. In 2019 he was among other things a critically praised Polyphemus in Handel’s Acis & Galatea at the Confidencen baroque theatre in Stockholm.

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Reviews of Staffan Liljas in Händels "Acis & Galatea"

Bo Löfvendahl in Svenska Dagbladet writes in “Two hours of pure joy – absolutely world class”

“With his fine phrasing, Staffan Liljas binds together the wild melodic jumps of his Polyphemos and gives the evil villain human sensibilities.”

Loretta Villalobos in Expressen writes in “A trip worth the trouble when Confidencen performs Händel”

“Staffan Liljas as Polyphemus is the only one who produces real acting, and where it might have devolved into flamboyant evil, it remains on course due to his stage presence.”

Bodil Hasselgren in Tidskriften Opera writes in issue 4 2019

“Polyphemus – who in Topsøe’s interpretation is a cast out figure turning his sorrow into aggressive malice – is performed solidly and with feeling by Staffan Liljas, who has the most stage presence of them all.”

Björn Gustavsson in Dalarnas Tidningar writes in “Distanced staging and clarity – Händel in two premieres”

“The jealous Polyphemus (bass Staffan Liljas, here better than ever) becomes a Scarpia-like prince of darkness and kills his rival.”

Henry Larsson in Capriccio writes in “Colourful Handel at newly started Confidencen Opera & Music Festival”

“The fine bass Staffan Liljas gives the rogue Polyphemus elements of dreadfulness – a monster in the saga – and rages his scorned love with virtuosity in the aria I rage – I melt – I burn!”

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